Do what you are best suited for!

I can easily roll my tongue. For some people it is a struggle. My dancing ability is more or less non existent. So is singing and telling jokes. I tried athletic sports in school and realised that my best position was being a spectator.

On the other hand I am very good with numbers and thinking logically. Sometimes thinking logically gets me into a lot of trouble at home and work. I am also able to absorb vast amounts of knowledge in short spans of time and distill it into practical insights. I don’t easily get overwhelmed by stuff and I am able to stay clear minded most of the time. Because of these traits I do well with a career which involves numbers, problem solving, analysis, etc. And that is why I studied Engineering, qualified as an Accountant, practice Strategic Planning, and enjoy playing chess.

So I may not be able to pull off “The Dancing Engineer” but I am really good at Money Engineering.

Moral of the story: Find and do what you are best suited for! What you are best suited for is not necessarily what you studied or are currently doing or what your parents wanted you to be. You will know what you are best suited for when you find it!

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