Whom do you know?

Your success in any area of your life is in direct proportion to the number and quality of people you know. So whom do you know? Do you know Malcolm Gladwell? Do you know Robin Sharma? Ben Carson? Gandhi? Nelson Mandela? Jesus? Buddha? Ray Dalio? Tony Robins? Mohammed? Bob Proctor? Bill Gates? Henry Ford? Socrates? Warren Buffet? Seneca? Dave Ramsey?

And how well do you know these people? What are their philosophies of life? How did they live their lives? Is there anything to emulate? What did they teach?

If you want to excel in any area of life you need to know the right people. Once you find them become a student and learn a thing or two which you can immediately apply in your life.

If you want to meet and interact with like minded people who desire to improve their personal finances come join us this Friday 27th September 2019 from 7.00am to 8.00am at Cafe Javas – Oasis Mall for a MONEY BREAKFAST. Your investment of only 50k maybe the start of your transformation journey to financial literacy and well being.

Inbox to confirm booking.

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