Understand your Customers

Money is a reward for service rendered. So we need to provide valuable service to as many people as possible to get rich. To provide valuable service we need to understand the people to whom we are providing the service.

We all have customers whether we are formally employed or are in business. Your boss is your customer. Your employees are your customers. The people who buy your products are your customers. Your spouse is your customer. Jesus rightly said that the servant among you shall be the greatest and richest!

So what do we need to know about our customers? Everything!

What are their names?
How many children do they have?
How do they spend their free time?
Where do they shop from?
What are their hobbies?
What are their fears?
Where do they stay?
How old are they?
Male or female?
How much do they earn?
Which language do they speak?
What is their level of education?
Are they religious?
Which phones do they hold?
What kind of clothes do they wear?
What music do they listen to?
Which TV channel do they watch?
Are they married?
What gets them excited?
Which car do they drive?
What things do they buy?
What kind of work do they do?
What is their favorite food?
What are their dreams and ambitions?
Which political ideology do they subscribe to?
Where did they go to school?
Who are their friends?

The person or company who knows most about their customers will go on to target and provide services and products which resonate with their customers. As such they will build massive wealth.

Many of us start small businesses without really understanding our customers. Ugandans are very entrepreneurial. However, most small businesses fail within a year or two.

If you understand your customers the odds of success greatly increase.

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