How to realize your full potential

Have you ever wondered what you are truly capable of? Is the life you are living the best you could ever have? Is the money you are earning really the most you could ever earn? Are you pursuing the most suitable career possible?

We are all born with enormous talents and potential. Our environment in childhood and formal school panel beats us into a fixed frame of mind. Once we leave school we typically settle into whatever we can find and never aspire for anything great. We get a job and buy a second hand Toyota car, get married, build a house, get kids and pay school fees. That is the Ugandan dream for many people. Many prayer requests in born again churches are in this direction. Once you achieve this your entire clan sings your praises for being very successful. There is nothing wrong with this but I think there is more to life. Our society has pressing problems which require the best minds among us to address.

The good news is that we can break free of these mindsets which prevent us from truly expressing what we are capable of.

First we need to aspire for more than self satisfaction. You have to aspire for something larger than yourself. The people we often look to are the people who have gone over and beyond to touch the lives of millions of other people. We are creative beings capable of transforming our environment. We have a responsibility to our families, communities, our country and humanity to be the best version of ourselves.

Second you have to work on your self image. Do you see yourself as a victim of circumstance or someone who creates their own way irrespective of the obstacles in front of them. A healthy self image gives one confidence to pursue big things. In the process you expand your mindset and what you are capable of.

Thirdly you MUST commit to continuous learning. A rich person is one who is continuously learning. To realize your full potential you have to aggressively invest in your mind. The only difference between a rich person and a poor person is their mindset.

Fourth you need to be willing to get out of your comfort zone. This may involve upsetting your friends and family. It may mean quitting your boring stressful job to pursue your passions. It may mean relocating to a different country. It may require change of career. You may have to challenge the status quo. It may mean change of lifestyle. One has to be willing to live up to their values and conscience.

Lastly one has to cultivate resilience. Rome was not built in a day. As you strive to realize you true potential there will be pain in the process. The literature calls this a “terror barrier” Most people approach the terror barrier and quickly bounce back into their comfort zones. The few who manage to go through the terror barrier reap all the rewards of their hard work and go on to achieve their true potential.

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