Build your money team

The most wealthy people in the world have very large teams of people working to make them rich. It is almost impossible to get rich alone. You have to make other people rich as well. You need the cooperation and support of many people to become wealthy. Think of Warren Buffett and the thousands of people he employs in his businesses. Imagine how many people it takes to run the Coca Cola company globally. Think of all the production people, marketers, sales, finance guyz, CEO’s, bankers, drivers, mechanics, insurers, customer reps, etc.

Now let’s us talk about you. How many people are working hard to make you rich? No need to worry if the answer is embarrassing. The richest people began somewhere and built massive teams of people to make them rich.

I have a small team of people currently working very hard to make me rich:

1. My wife. A supportive spouse is critical in realizing your dreams. If your spouse is more that eager to spend your hard earned money you will never become rich. When spouses don’t see eye to eye, there is likely to be chaos in the family finances. If you are not yet married choose your spouse carefully. That decision may well determine if you will ever become rich.
2. My bankers. I recently switched banks to a more technology savvy bank. I do all my transactions online. This saves me a lot of time and headache in making my investments.
3. My insurers. I have a couple of insurance products managed by my insurers. For all the hard-work they do I pay them a small commission.
4. My brokers. I have effective brokers who handle my investments in Treasury bill/bonds and shares in return for a small commission.
5. My Forest Managers. I manage our forest project remotely. I have a dedicated team of foresters and managers working day and night to make me rich.
6. My customers. My customers at work and in business are very busy looking for money to pay me for the services and products I am constantly delivering. The other day I easily made 500k in less than an hour talking to a few people about finances.
7. My business partners. My business partners are aggressively looking for business opportunities to make all of us wealthy. In return I offer capital and managerial expertise.
8. My employees. My employees are diligent and hardworking. As long I keep them happy they will make me rich.
9. My fund managers. I invest in different funds and my fund managers are always looking out to give me the best return for my chosen risk profile. I pay them a small commission for all their hard work.

I estimate the team actively working to make me rich is about 1,000 people or more. When I reach one million people you will definitely see me on TV.

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