Unemployment is a mindset

The Money Engineer

If money is a reward for service rendered it then means that the word unemployment loses meaning. Unemployment therefore is a mindset and represents a lack of imagination and creativity on the part of the unemployed.

If you critically look around you will find a million opportunities to serve fellow human beings. Someone needs to be fed. Someones needs to feel inspired. Someone needs medical treatment. People need clothes. A lawn needs to be mowed. Bricks need to be made. People want to travel. People want to sleep on beds and sit on chairs. Babies need to be cared for. The list is endless.

Instead of worrying about not having a job focus instead on how you can serve other people around the world. Serve as many people as possible. Do it with the best of your ability and serve with a great attitude.

As you serve many people your bank balance will overflow with cash.

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