The Law of Obedience

If want to be financially successful we must obey the laws which govern money. That is the Law of obedience. Everything in life has certain rules which governs it. The moment we go against these laws we cause ourselves a lot of pain and suffering. If you jump off a building you will certainly get hurt because the law of gravity will pull you down to the ground.

If you plant thoughts of worry, the law you obey will give you something to worry about. It will produce more and more circumstances to increase your worries. If you think of disease and lack, you will receive exactly what you are expecting. Whatever law you obey will in turn serve you. The most important thing then is to know what to obey.

You must obey the laws of money to be financially successful. If you spend more than you earn you will run into debt and carry along all the baggage. If you think poverty thoughts all you will see is limitation and scarcity. If you don’t offer valuable service you will stay broke. These are some of the basic laws governing money.

Business is also founded upon obedience, and as each member obeys the laws of commerce, he will succeed. It is only when man expands these laws by over-speculation, and by wild-cat schemes, inflated values, or lack of cooperative agency, that he brings upon himself failures and causes bankruptcies and loss.

Disobedience to the Law is refusal to do what we know is right. We all know the right, but we do not always do it because it seems to interfere or delay our immediate attainment of the object we see. We want quick returns, forgetting that the Law moves slowly, yet it works perfectly and well. We want instantaneous riches, but we are loath to give up the net of habits that caused our brokeness.

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