Sente diriwo (Money is there)

The Money Engineer

Sente diriwo is a famous song by Mun G. It has some profound meaning relating to personal finances. Money is actually all around us. Sente diriwo. This maybe hard to believe if you are broke but the truth is Sente diriwo. You have to really believe that money is here even if you don’t see it. Sente diriwo.

Money is just an idea. If you can conceive an idea it means that the thing you imagine must exist simultaneously somewhere in real life. You can’t think of something which doesn’t already exist. So if you believe Sente diriwo it means the money is actually here. You just have to bring it into existence.

Observe for a moment everything around you. All these things you are able to see with your eyes can literally be converted into money. The phone you are using can be sold on Olx and turned into money. The garbage in your neighborhood can be collected for a small fee. The dirty car on the road can be washed for a small fee. Sente diriwo.

The heap of soil can be burnt into bricks and sold for a few shillings. The sad faces can be turned into a smile. Sente diriwo. All the ideas in your head can be converted into money with persistent relentless action.

Sente diriwo.

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