We intend to start facilitating a small group session called a MONEY BREAKFAST. Members will be hosted to a full working breakfast meal from 7.00AM to 7.45AM in a location fit for aspiring wealthy people. The idea is to talk about this important topic of MONEY which is not taught in school and to share experiences with other people.

We are targeting a small group of 5 – 10 people for each session. The MONEY BREAKFAST will be held once every three months starting 27th September 2019. Different speakers and experts will be invited to talk about personal finance and investments.

We shall discuss among other things the following:

1. How to increase our incomes;
2. How to develop a savings habit;
3. How to manage your expenses;
4. How to prudently invest our money;
5. What investment opportunities are available;
6. How to live a truly wealthy lifestyle;
7. How to manage debt;
8. How to start a profitable business;
9. How to develop good money habits;
10. How to increase your financial literacy;
11. How to budget;
12. Planning for retirement;
13. Protecting our investments;

The MONEY BREAKFAST will also include FREE resources and materials to help with your personal finances. You will also get to meet and interact with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. In this way we shall build up and empower each other as we learn from each other.

A small personal investment of ONLY UGX 50,000 to cover costs of venue, meals and facilitation per person per session is all you need.

The first MONEY BREAKFAST will be held on 27th September 2019.

If you are interested please INBOX and let’s set it up.

The first two (2) people to register will get a FREE diagnostic of their personal FINANCIAL HEALTH.

Come join us and let us help you turbo-charge your personal finances!

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