Learning how to learn

What would you do if you could swallow a magical pill and become rich overnight? I bet you would do anything to get your hands on that magical pill. What if I told you that the magical pill already exists!

Many rich and successful people found the magical pill and swallowed it. This magical pill is called KNOWLEDGE. Rich people have figured out how to acquire and use knowledge to build wealth. You don’t need a fancy degree to acquire knowledge. Actually many rich people didn’t go to school. They have figured out how to acquire relevant knowledge to build wealth. They know where the business opportunities are. They know which people with the right skills to hire. They know how to manage and lead people. They know how to create and build their dreams. They know how to solve problems. They are relentless in their commitment to achieve their dreams.

Learning how to learn then becomes of paramount importance on one’s journey to financial freedom. You can learn anything you want. You can acquire any skill you want. Just decide and commit. You can begin to interpret financial statements if you really wanted to. You can learn how to invest. One can learn how to build a business.

Unfortunately most of the knowledge you require to succeed in life will not be found in the traditional school system. Traditional school just gives you the basics. It is only through self-education that you will really begin to transform your life.

The journey to financial freedom requires a commitment to life long learning.

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