How I make money by exercising daily

I usually wake up at 5.30am on a daily basis and work out for 10 minutes. Thereafter I take a cold shower. I then take a cup of coffee, listen to an audio book and then write an article. Thereafter I review my finances and other personal goals and plans. This set of daily habits has enabled me to develop a mindset of resilience and achievement in any area of my life I choose to focus on. It has also taught me persistence. I have also trained myself to take control of my mindset.

I have taken this discipline and applied it to my personal finances. Investing 100 million shillings is no longer a big deal. Dreaming of making billions is now OK. Staying out of debt is not a big deal anymore. Tracking expenses is so easy for me. I no longer follow the crowd and choose my own direction. I am no longer so influenced by other people’s opinions. I now believe I can achieve anything I set my eyes upon.

I have realized that taking control of one area of my life has a knock on effect on other areas of my life. These habits which seem to affect all other areas of life are called corner stone habits. The idea of attaching other habits to a corner stone habit is referred to as habit stacking.

The solution to all our money problems may lie in developing discipline in a totally unrelated area of our lives. If we lack discipline with our money it is highly likely that we lack discipline in our health. Our relationships may also struggle. It may also mean that we lack discipline in acquiring knew knowledge and skills to improve our lives.

Eighty percent of all success is mindset. Twenty percent is the mechanics and tactics. All we have to do to be fit and healthy is walk daily for 30 minutes. Doing this consistently and overcoming our mental obstacles is difficult. Gaining financial freedom is easy. Getting ourselves motivated to do it is the harder part.

Check out two books called Atomic Habits by James Clear and the Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg to fully understand these concepts.

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