Go start something today. That idea which has been popping up in your mind wants to be expressed. It is your duty to ACT on it. God has given you that idea because you have the ability to do it. Start that business you have always dreamed of. Build those apartments you have always thought about. Start a blog. Build that cool app. Ask that girl/boy out. Start a community project. Open that supermarket. Build that school. Start that Charity Project. Import that machinery and make something. Great nations are built by many people starting many different things.

If Mark Zuckerberg didn’t start something you would never have heard of The Money Engineer. If your bosses didn’t start something you would be unemployed. If the Wright brothers didn’t start something there would be no planes. If Thomas Edison didn’t start something there would be no light bulb. If Steve Jobs didn’t start something there would be no iPhone. If Nikola Tesla didn’t start something there would be no electricity to speak of. If our politicians didn’t start something there would be no order in society.

Don’t be so afraid if you don’t know how to complete what you started. God will take care of the rest once you start. The resources, people, ideas, opportunities will come to you once you START. When you are driving to Jinja you can’t really see the entire road. The important thing is that you drive towards the general direction of Jinja and keep asking people for directions. As you drive the road becomes clearer. You accelerate, brake, and keep steering. You dodge portholes and overtake other cars. Other people may have better vehicles and drive faster than you but it doesn’t really matter. You may need to refuel and replace a punctured tyre. You may need to stopover to rest and eat some muchomo at Namawojjolo. But as long as you keep the ultimate objective in your mind you will eventually reach your destination.


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