Accept Responsibility for your Financial Situation

Many of our biggest problems and concerns in life have to do with money: earning it, spending it, investing it, and, especially, losing it. As a result, many of our negative emotions are associated with money in some way. However, the fact is that you are responsible for your financial life. You choose. You decide. You are in charge. You cannot blame your financial problems or situation on other people. You are in the driver’s seat.

So it is only when you accept responsibility for your income (who chose to accept the job you are working at?), your bills (who spent the money that put you into debt?), and your investments (who made those decisions?) can you move from being an “economic child” to an “economic adult.”

Accepting personal responsibility for the results we are getting in our lives in terms of Happiness, Health and Money is the first step towards improvement.

Referenced from “No Excuses. The Power of Self Discipline – by Brian Tracy”

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