Why no one taught you about money in school?

After over 18 years in school I had no idea how to manage money! How come no one bothered to teach me? Is it all a conspiracy to keep us from becoming financially independent? We studied all sorts of subjects in school but how come there was no financial education? In a poor country like Uganda financial education should be a priority for our education system. The most sustainable way to lift people out of poverty is to teach them about money. How to acquire money. How to keep money. How to multiply money.

Historically the industrial wealthy class wanted loyal workers to work in their factories. Governments also wanted loyal cadres to work in the bureaucratic machine. So they created this education machine which churns out loyal servants who are happy to work for a tiny wage at the end of the month, ask no questions, and be happy with their lot.

As people become more economically independent they are harder to control. It is hard for your boss to kick you around if you are financially independent because you can walk away anytime. It is hard for governments to control economically independent people.

So there might be a conspiracy after all. It is really up to us to acquire the right knowledge and begin to act in rational manner with our finances. Only then shall we obtain peace of mind with our finances.

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