Straight Forward Financial Growth

Straight Forward Financial Growth is a simple to read book written by Moses Mukisa. Moses Mukisa is also the Lead Pastor at Worship Harvest. Moses espouses three basic steps to wealth creation. Get it. Keep it. Grow it. Basically you do some kind of valuable work to get some income. Then you make sure you spend less than you earn and keep some of the money. You then invest the money wisely. These are universal principles of wealth creation and they are guaranteed to work all the time.

To complement this process Moses highlights two other critical things one needs to do. The first is to renew your mind through acquiring financial knowledge. The second is to live generously. Once this is done one escapes the scarcity and poverty mindset and truly becomes wealthy.

I love that Moses uses practical and personal Ugandan experiences to relay his message. He also approaches the subject of wealth creation from a biblical perspective which should be appealing to many believers. In being practical Moses diverts from the popular prosperity gospel doing the rounds in Kampala. Prosperity gospel and Financial miracles have a mass appeal and many people have been hoodwinked into all sorts of schemes. Unfortunately it rarely works and is not sustainable. I don’t want to rely on financial miracles for my financial security.

I particularly liked reading chapter 6 – Prison Break: Escaping the galleys. In this chapter Moses explains what modern day slavery truly looks like. You earn a salary. You then pay rent, water bills, food, transport, etc. In earlier days the master was responsible for the slave’s well being, food, and housing. Your employer needs to keep you healthy enough to keep working hard for him. He has no time to negotiate your rent. So he pays you a salary and you then find housing for yourself. In effect you are a just a courier transferring your masters money to your landlord.

In his book Rich dad Poor dad, Robert Kiyosaki famously refers to this as the rat race. The only legal, moral, and ethical way out of the rat race is to work smart and hard, and earn some money. Then keep most of it. Then invest it in wise purposes. Expand your financial knowledge. And live generously.

Do this consistently and in the next decade your story will be very different. It all sounds so simple yet so difficult for so many! Simply decide right now and begin to act wisely with your money!

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