Stop taking financial advice from broke people

When you are physically sick you go to a Doctor for treatment. You don’t seek an opinion from your brother who owns a car wash. But how come when you are financially sick you get advise from your broke cousin and friend? You should only get financial advise from people who have demonstrated that they can handle money well over a long period of time.

There are so many misconceptions about money out there. Obtain the right information and then make a reasoned judgement for yourself before accepting any advice.

In fact I would encourage you to critically think through all the stuff I write on this blog before accepting it and make up your own mind for yourself. Question all the money advice you receive from your spouse, parents, friends, pastors, employers, politicians, bankers, insurers, etc. Most of these people don’t really have your best interests at heart and are only expressing their selfish interests, fears, guilt, envy, etc.

Fortunately there are countless books and resources which can aid you to become more financially literate. All you have to do is search and you shall find.

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