I will start saving when I make more money

My primary school motto was NOW IS THE TIME! It is amazing how profound this statement was and still is today. Entire books have been written about this phenomenon of embracing the present moment. The NOW is really what exists. You cannot act in the past for it is long gone. You cannot act in the future for it is yet to come. You can only act in the present moment in your current circumstances.

So if you really desire to improve your finances you need to start acting in the right way right NOW. The road to financial security and independence is quite simple and takes a few small consistent actions. All one has to do is ACT right NOW. Start budgeting. Start tracking your expenses. Spend less than you earn. Set up multiple streams of income. Invest your savings prudently. Invest in financial knowledge. Get out and stay out of debt.

That is all you have to do. Yet the majority of people don’t do this.

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