How to start your day with a WEALTHY mindset

I have read a lot about the importance of daily morning routines to personal effectiveness and productivity. So I started experimenting to experience it for myself about 6 months ago. I am not yet 100% consistent but the habit is gradually getting established.

5.30 AM. The Alarm goes off and I try and jump out of bed within 5 minutes.
5.32 AM. I take one glass of drinking water.
5.35 AM. I open the YouTube app on my phone and find a 10 min work out video. Sometimes I use a workout app instead.
5.35 AM – 5.45 AM. I work out for 10 minutes in the living room while following the instruction on YouTube. The workouts are varied and focus on different aspects daily. It could be cardio, abs, strength, chest, back, stretching, etc.
5.35 AM – 5.40 AM. After the workout I immediately take a cold shower. The shock therapy of the cold shower is quite good. It wakes you up and makes you alert.
5.40 AM – 6.00 AM. I dress up, get ready to work and make some breakfast.
6.00 AM. Enter the car and drive out of the gate.
6.00 AM – 7.30 AM. Drive 20 kilometers to work in town. I take one cup of hot coffee as I am driving. I also listen to 1.5 hours of podcast material. The podcast content is usually business, personal finances, and personal effectiveness. I don’t listen to radio or read newspapers. If the news is really important I will find out somehow.
7.30 AM. Arrive at work.
7.30 AM to 8.00 AM. Read and write articles for The Money Engineer. I might also catch up on some reading of some books on my reading list. Using this strategy I have been able to read 40 books so far since January 2019. I also check on my personal financial statements and update my financial records. I also reflect on what aspects of my life I can improve.
8.00 AM. Start official work.
8.00 AM – 11.00 AM. I work on and complete the most critical assignment for the day. During this time phones are off and I don’t check email.
11.00 AM. Finally check email and check-in with my Boss about any urgent issues to deal with.

I have realized several benefits from having a morning routine. I have already achieved a lot by the time everyone else is arriving for work at 8.00AM. I am healthier having taken a glass of water and exercised. I have braved a cold shower so I am more emotionally stable. I have fortified my mind with great content and as such I am ready to handle whatever stresses the day might bring. I am wiser having acquired new knowledge. I am financially better having reviewed my financial strategies and personal financial statements. I have made a difference in the world having shared some insights on The Money Engineer page.

Most successful people in the world have a morning routine they stick to and several books have been written about this phenomenon.

Maybe you should consider starting your own morning routine.

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