Empowering Questions about MONEY

Asking yourself empowering questions can help change your relationship with money. Small positive questions force your brain to come up with answers and solutions to your money problems.

Here are some empowering questions you can immediately start asking yourself TODAY.

1. If Time and Money were NOT a constraint what would I be doing with my life?
2. If I were guaranteed NOT to FAIL what would I be doing differently?
3. What is one small step I could take toward reaching my financial goals?
4. How can I get out of debt?
5. How can I earn more money?
6. Which expenses can I eliminate from my life?
7. What is one small step I could take to improve my finances or health (or relationships, or career, or any other area)?
8. Is there a person at work or in my personal life who can help me organize my finances? What small question could I ask this person?
9. What is one small thing that is special about me (or my spouse, or my organization)?

Remember avoid negative questions like; Why am I constantly broke? How come I can’t get ahead? Why is our family or country so poor? If you ask negative questions your brain will come up with all the answers to reinforce this negative mindset.

So start TODAY and ask yourself empowering questions about MONEY. Soon your MIND will be overflowing with ideas on how to improve your situation. At that point simply pick one or two ideas and ACT on them.

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