Financial infidelity on Valentine’s day

Romantic couple holding hands together over candlelight during romantic dinner

The Money Engineer

This morning I saw a long queue of eager gentlemen waiting in line at Garden City to order a bouquet of flowers for their loved ones. This is expected on each Valentine’s day. These couples will probably head out for a candle lit romantic dinner later in the evening.

As the couples whisper sweet nothings into each other ears I hope they come clean about their financial infidelity and ask for forgiveness. I hope they declare the hidden land they bought three years ago. I hope they declare that salary loan they took the other day. I hope they declare their bank balance and promise to share it with their partner. I hope they declare that they have stopped spending their hard earned money on random mistresses and affairs. I hope they declare their reckless spending on useless stuff and habits.

As they promise to love each other for the rest of their lives I hope they promise to manage their money more prudently. Instead of exchanging expensive gifts I hope they gift each other books on personal finance. I hope they resolve to open up a joint investment account and start saving for their financial dependence.

I hope all this chit chat about money turns them on as they look into each others eyes and talk about their future financial goals. How they want to earn a minimum return of investment of 15%; how they want to save at least 30% of their income; how they want to stop paying rent and own their home outright; how they are going to set up rentals in five years; how they are going to eliminate debt from their lives.

I hope they promise each other to stop cheating on their money; to be transparent in their financial dealings with each other and to consult with each other before any major financial decisions.

In doing this these love birds will cement their relationships and will be happier, wealthier, and will look forward to the next Valentine’s day.

Happy Valentine’s day

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