Stocking the ponds

Finally the fish go into the ponds!

We finally managed to stock one of the ponds with 500 catfish. Each catfish weighs 20gms and costs ushs 600. We also bought fish feeds at ushs 3,000 per kg.

The feeding rate is 8% of the body weight per day. Which means we should feed 800gms per day (8%*20gms*500 fish). We shall initially start with 500 to 600gms and monitor the response.

For now the water will be re-circulated manually and used to irrigate the crops.

There were several delays and frustrations which kept moving the timelines including resignation of the farm help, getting robbed, going broke, and so on and so forth. But nothing can conspire against an advancing man for as long as he holds constant the vision of what he wants and acts persistently in stride every single day!

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