Starting a backyard banana plantation!

So growing tomatoes seems to be too much of a hustle! So we are establishing a small banana plantation hoping it is any easier!! The plantation will complement the ponds and the pond water will be used to irrigate the bananas.

I know nothing about growing bananas. Good thing I have a few data bundles and I have been googling how to grow bananas!

So far Google has told me to dig holes about 3ft×3ft and about 2.5ft deep at a spacing of about 3m. I have already done this (about 75 holes). Next I have been told to add composted organic manure. So I bought 2tonnes of chicken manure which we are composting.

Next Google has told me to use a pest free young banana plant. So I have read about something called tissue culture. Apparently there are many people selling these around the country. They say they are disease free! We shall soon find out.

So I have ordered for 75 suckers each costing 2,000 ushs. Will have a mix of bogoya, sweet bananas, gonja, and the normal bananas for cooking.

Apparently Uganda has one of the highest per capita consumption of bananas in the world. and the market is not exhausted at all. even when bananas are grown by over 75% of farmers in the country though most is rudimentary.

So probably by end of next week I will be a banana farmer! I will intercrop the tomatoes and other legumes so the garden is fully utilised throughout the year.

Thanks Google!

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