We have established a small commercial farm on a 50x100ft plot of Land. The land is within a walking distance from our home.

To make urban farming feasible we had to install an irrigation system. I will cover details on how to set up an irrigation system in a later post. We are also using raised beds. This is a fairly a new concept where instead on tilling large areas of land a few raised garden are maintained. These are easier to manage.

Currently we are experimenting with different crops including tomatoes, maize, g/nuts, cow peas, onions, lettuce, beans, water melon, etc.

Our first customer is obviously ourselves. We spend a significant amount of money on food and it makes sense if this cost can be off set from the farm.

In subsequent post we shall share our lessons learned, farming inputs, weed management, irrigation system design and installation, integrated pest management, farm layout and design, etc.

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