About Us

Welcome to The Money Engineer. Here you will find the best personal finance tips to help you gain control of your money.

The Money Engineer is a platform to promote financial literacy within Uganda. We spend several years in school but no one really teaches us about money.

Uganda is one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world. However most small businesses collapse within a few years. Most of this is attributable to lack of knowledge and skills. Uganda is a relatively poor country. Part of the problem is the poverty mindset inherent in our society.

Our ambition is to illuminate the mind of our fellow brothers and sisters and hopefully cause a transformation in their finances. We seek to do this by sharing knowledge and experiences in creative ways which captures the attention and interest of our target audience.

Our goal is to reach and inspire at least one million people and influence them to generate an additional one million shillings in their incomes. If we succeed in this endeavor we shall be part of the solution in transforming our country to a middle income economy.